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KIIMA movement

KIIMA is a wave of positive changes for everyone and the environment. It's the inspiration that drives us to want to do our part in shaping a prosperous future, respecting the earth and the life that resides in it.

We simplify this process by developing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that replace the single-use products we use every day.

The deodorant applicator is the first step, and other initiatives will follow, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Join the movement and stay tuned!


We believe that by collaborating together, we will succeed in making a global impact. That's why we partner with other fantastic companies that share our values.

You also have a role to play. By choosing KIIMA, you contribute to the future of sustainable consumption.

Origin of the name KIIMA

The name KIIMA comes from three converging inspirations: the first derives from the nickname of the mythical volcano of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, the second from the Greek «Kyma», which represents the wave, and the end the Basque word «Kima», which means flower. By tying them all together, we get the word KIIMA, which represents the pathwe must take to allow our environment to thrive and flourish, stimulating renewal on our planet.

Just like KIIMA's name, each color of the applicators tells a story. From Black Sand Beach, symbolizing our Hawaiian voyage, to Blanc Coton, representing purity and serenity, each shade reflects a unique aspect of our journey. Manarola Rosé embodies the colorful urban style of Cinque Terre, while Rosewood brings the gentle freshness of spring. Vert Forillon pays homage to our roots, Quebec's Forillon National Park, while Bleu Glacier serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address the climate crisis, inspired by melting glaciers.


The journey of KIIMA began with a revelation during a dive in the waters of Hawaii. It was there, amidst the ocean's beauty, that we were confronted with the stark reality of marine waste, igniting a passion within us to take tangible action for the environment. As our vision took shape, KIIMA emerged as a symbol of hope and change, reflecting our unwavering commitment to combating climate change.


Our commitments are taking things to the next level in the design of our products and our vision to address the issue of waste worldwide through our collaborative model.

As long as there is waste, we will be present, seeking solutions.