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The refillable deodorant applicator

Say goodbye to single-use deodorant
containers with your KIIMA refillable applicator.

Designed and manufactured in Quebec, it is
easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Deodorant refill


The refills available for your KIIMA applicator are healthy for your skin and the environment. They only contain safe ingredients sourced from nature.


Your deodorant refills are packaged in a compact, recyclable, and plastic-free cardboard packaging.


Your KIIMA refill is manufactured near you by one of our certified partners. By doing so, we reduce transportation and offer you a local alternative.

Easy to refill

Let's reduce waste one deodorant at a time.

Refill according to your needs

We have carefully selected natural deodorant brands to offer you the best for your body and the environment.

Our partners design natural, vegan, biodegradable, and effective deodorants.

Be part of KIIMA's future

Join us in shaping the trajectory of KIIMA's journey by actively participating and contributing to our mission.

3 billions

that's the number of deodorants thrown away each year in Europe and North America

Our mission at KIIMA is to massively reduce waste by rethinking everyday items that harm our environment.