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KIIMA deodorant appplicator

User guide

Our reusable deodorant transforms your daily routine into a sustainable gesture, without compromise. Find out how to use your new refillable deodorant applicator from the first use, and learn how each refill extends the life of your deodorant while preserving our planet.

Discover and master how it works in just 1 minute!

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First use

1. Open the lid with a slight pressure on one side. The applicator is designed not to open easily in your bag.

2. Remove the clip by applying slight pressure to the center of the clip. This part is designed to hold your deodorant in place during use.

3. Unwrap your first refill. *Note: Compost or recycle the paper according to the instructions on the product pages.

4. Insert your refill into the applicator.

5. Replace the clip in place.

6. Turn the mechanism to the right until the deodorant protrudes 2 mm.

7. Use your new deodorant in your body care routine! A refill lasts an average of two months, depending on your daily use.


When the clip comes off with the remaining deodorant, it's a signal that it's time to refill.

1. Turn the mechanism to the right until your refill is expelled. Set it aside for now.

2. Turn the mechanism to the left until you feel slight resistance. Do not force, turn it once to the right.

3. Insert your new refill into the applicator.

4. Replace the clip containing your previous refill.

5. Use it! Enjoy your KIIMA deodorant applicator again.


It is recommended to clean your KIIMA applicator between each refill because regular cleaning prevents bacterial growth, ensures product effectiveness, and helps extend the life of the applicator.

1. Remove these components: the lid, the clip, the refill.

2. Turn the mechanism completely to the left.

3. Wet a washcloth under hot water.

4. Gently clean the inside of your KIIMA deodorant applicator and the clip.

5. Follow steps 4 to 7 in the "First use" section. There you go!