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"We want to be part of a movement that shares the same philosophy as us."

Unii Organics cosmetics blend natural ingredients with holistic wisdom, promoting health and beauty consciously. Discover the unique fragrances of their deodorant refill specially designed for our KIIMA applicator: Active and Sensi.


Unii products are meticulously crafted with honesty, avoiding pre-made cosmetic bases and favoring artisanal techniques. The brand embeds a rigorous process in selecting their ingredients, steering clear of synthetic compounds and prioritizing local ingredients. Firmly rooted in Portugal, Unii also globally explores the most powerful organic elements, ensuring an authentic and conscious approach throughout its production.


Born from the aspirations of two sisters to revolutionize the cosmetic industry in Sintra, Portugal, Unii embodies the pursuit of creating the purest line of high-quality cosmetic products at affordable prices. It reflects a philosophy where beauty naturally stems from health, coupled with a commitment to sustainability.