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Quebec, Canada

Rituels by

La Maison Simons

Quebec's favorite natural deodorant

Rituels is a brand that offers a collection of toiletries and shaving products designed for the everyday man. Rooted in nature, meticulously handmade, and proudly produced and packaged in Quebec!


La Maison Simons actively engages with communities and offers exclusive collections supporting various causes. Simons is dedicated to redefining sustainable commerce, focusing on reducing environmental impact, promoting ethical production, and making a positive contribution to communities.


Since 1840, La Maison Simons has been a pioneer in Canadian fashion, evolving from its roots in Old Quebec to become the country's oldest family-owned business. Across five generations, Simons has combined a passion for fashion, a commitment to customer service, and innovative retail concepts, expanding its presence from coast to coast. Today, with more than 15 stores, Simons continues to blend modern style with historical heritage, fostering creativity, sustainability, and a unique shopping experience.