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Startup Montréal

Startup Montréal

We're thrilled to announce that KIIMA has been selected as one of the winners of Bourse+ by Startup Montréal, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This recognition reaffirms our deep-rooted alignment with the values and aspirations of Montreal's vibrant startup ecosystem.


At KIIMA, our mission isn't just a statement; it's the guiding principle behind everything we do. We are committed to revolutionizing the single-use cosmetics industry through our innovative approach and technologies. Our dedication to bringing about positive change and making a meaningful impact resonates both with Bourse+ and the startups Montreal community.

Furthermore, our innovative solutions directly address the challenges facing our planet, positioning us not only as a promising startup but also as a contributor to Montreal's thriving ecosystem. By offering refillable cosmetic product applicators, we embody the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Montreal's startup scene.

As we embark on this adventure as a Bourse+ laureate, we are honored to represent Startup Montréal community and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. With KIIMA leading the way, the future looks promising for innovation, the environment, and growth in Montreal and beyond.

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