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6 harmful ingredients to avoid in your deodorant

6 harmful ingredients to avoid in your deodorant

Having a KIIMA product is caring for your body. In addition to generating a significant amount of waste, single-use deodorants often contain harmful ingredients. It's crucial to identify components that negatively impact your skin to ensure your next purchase is both healthy and natural. Here's a list of chemical elements to avoid in your deodorant, along with the plant-based ingredients we love for their unique benefits.



1. Aluminum chloride

Our partners prefer using arrowroot powder or baking soda for similar advantages in combating moisture, providing a healthy way to stop sweating.


2. Parabens

Parabens, often used as preservatives, have been linked to hormonal disruptions. That's why our KIIMA refills are crafted without them, offering a simple and effective solution while ensuring freshness and efficacy.


3. Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol may pose risks of neurotoxicity. Opting for safer alternatives, such as shea butter with its hydrating properties, promotes a healthy approach to personal care.

4. Phthalates

Phthalates can be used to enhance the texture, consistency, and durability of fragrances. However, these substances have raised concerns due to their potential to cause hormonal imbalances. Our recipes include essential oils as fragrances, naturally lasting all day (plus, they smell wonderfully good). Try them out!

5. Talc

The use of talc in skincare products carries potential risks, such as residual asbestos contamination, skin reactions, and respiratory issues. This is due to the history of certain talc mines and the possibility of unwanted contaminants despite improved quality standards.

6. Triclosan

Triclosan, often used as an antibacterial agent in personal care products, has been identified as an endocrine disruptor, interfering with the body's hormonal balance. Its excessive use has also been linked to antibiotic resistance in bacteria, posing risks to public health. By avoiding triclosan in our formulas, KIIMA promotes a safer alternative for hormonal health and contributes to preventing antibiotic resistance.


To assist you in your next purchase, here's our selection of natural products to prioritize for unparalleled hydration, breathable pores, and long-lasting freshness. Get ready to have healthy underarms!

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