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La Saponaria

Your favorite natural deodorant straight from Italy

La Saponaria offers innovative, effective, and transparent formulas infused with a touch of love. Committed to continuous improvement, they use the best ingredients to create products that truly work. La Saponaria's organic cosmetics tell a story of wonderful ingredients, promoting skin health and environmental sustainability, fueled by the dreams of many people aspiring to create a better world. Find their favorite fragrances on our KIIMA shop: Himalaya, Summer Crush, Sweet Hug, and Cotton Cloud.


"We produce with passion!"

At La Saponaria, their journey started with a love for soap and a vision of a better world. From natural hair care to skin care, their products embody this pure passion, designed with love for their work and a commitment to sustainability.


It has been 15 years since the inauguration of La Saponaria and 20 years since its beginnings in the markets. This Italian company maintains its commitment to attention to detail, recognizing the significant impact it can have: promoting energy efficiency and environmental respect at every stage, from the laboratory to the warehouse, to shipping.