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Kaurilan Sauna

"We are delighted to be part of this great innovation that reduces plastic waste and significantly improves the effectiveness of natural deodorants."

Seeking to offer customers more than a traditional Finnish sauna experience, Kaurilan Sauna has integrated high-quality natural cosmetic products and elegant linen towels. The sauna's candle lighting inspired the development of lace candles, as well as the creation of beeswax candles for the enjoyment of customers. Immerse yourself in their therapeutic ambiance with fragrances like Orange Blossom and Peppermint.

Sustainable development

Kaurilan Sauna is fully committed to ecological sustainability. Their goal is to provide an ecological alternative without increasing consumption. At every stage of product and packaging design, the focus is on naturalness, effectiveness, and eco-compatibility. By continuing to develop products and packaging in a more environmentally sustainable direction, Kaurilan Sauna maintains high manufacturing quality to minimize waste.


Founded in 2009, Kaurilan Sauna in Helsinki, Finland, started as a public sauna before transforming into a natural cosmetics manufacturer in 2020. Saara, the owner, handcrafts all the products with a passion for traditional Finnish sauna culture.