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Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The favorite among natural deodorants for men

Shaving cream, beard oil, and styling clay are not the only standout products from GROOM, but also their new deodorant refill with sage and cedar adapted to our KIIMA applicator. GROOM is committed to making each decision with consideration for its ecological impact. This is evident in the choice of their ingredients and suppliers, and more broadly in GROOM's mission.


GROOM is committed to meeting the growing demand for superior quality products made ethically. Their items combine natural ingredients, the tradition of male grooming, and scientific advancements in cosmetics. Elegance is expressed with sincerity and simplicity.


In 2014, GROOM started with its beard products. The Montreal-based company has continued to grow through its diversified offering of natural-based men's care.

"Teaming up with KIIMA was the most logical step for us."