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"Collaboration should be the foundation of sustainable brands."

Banbu has developed ecological solid cosmetics that benefit both you and the planet. Prioritizing safety, they ensure that their formulations are the safest in their cosmetic range. Renowned for their high quality, their products are designed with a strong emphasis on creativity. As pioneers of organic solid cosmetics in Spain, Banbu is committed to reshaping the current consumption model. Try their deodorant refills; So Fresh, So Pure and Soft Breeze.


At Banbu, we care not only for the planet but also for you. We focus on developing cosmetics made from entirely natural ingredients with highly beneficial properties to nourish your skin.

Beauty goes beyond just looking good; it's also about the feeling of well-being.


Founded in 2019 as a driving force for change and innovation, Banbu responded to the widespread and indiscriminate use of toxic chemicals and the excessive exploitation of resources that led us into an environmental crisis.

Banbu offers a range of sustainable and plastic-free products made from recycled and natural materials, without compromising on design or quality.