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Alarming statistics on the current deodorant industry

Alarming statistics on the current deodorant industry

Let's delve into the unknown world of single-use deodorants and explore statistics that reveal the ecological impact of our daily choices. Every second, 111 people purchase a deodorant, contributing to the annual sale of nearly 3.5 billion of these essential products. But what about the environmental consequences of this widespread habit?

Striking numbers

Each year, a mountain of 3 billion deodorants is discarded in Europe and North America. This staggering figure underscores the significant challenge posed by the waste generated by these small items in our daily lives. And that's where KIIMA comes in, ready to make a difference

Personal impact

Over a lifetime, the surprising statistic emerges: an individual uses an average of 400 disposable deodorants, representing the surface area occupied by an elephant. It's a significant personal footprint, but now, imagine if each of us could substantially reduce this footprint with a single gesture.

KIIMA to the rescue

Every year, on average per person, one KIIMA deodorant prevents 6 to 8 disposable applicators from ending up in landfills and oceans. It's an ecological revolution, an opportunity to reinvent our relationship with a product as mundane as deodorant.

With your future KIIMA, you become an ecological hero, helping to give our planet a well-deserved break from the growing tide of deodorant-related waste. By continuing on this path, together, we can avoid millions of waste each year. Join the KIIMA revolution and let's change the deodorant industry for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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