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4 compelling reasons to embrace cruelty-free

4 compelling reasons to embrace cruelty-free

As the movement towards cruelty-free products gains momentum, especially in skincare, this article explores the profound reasons for choosing cruelty-free skincare and highlights KIIMA's commitment to conscious beauty.

What does cruelty-free mean? Cruelty-free skincare, a commitment from brands like KIIMA, ensures that products and their ingredients are not tested on animals. This also includes avoiding the use of new animal testing data. Choosing cruelty-free products reflects a dedication to ethical practices, fostering conscious decisions for the well-being of animals, the planet, and oneself.


1. Ethics and compassion

The use of cruelty-free products is an ethical statement in favor of compassion towards living beings. Opting for cruelty-free deodorants, such as those offered by KIIMA, demonstrates your commitment to animal welfare, contributing to a world where cosmetic products are not tested on animals.


2. Positive impact on the industry

By choosing cruelty-free body care, you encourage a positive transformation in the cosmetic industry. Your consumer power supports brands, including KIIMA and its partners, committed to ethical practices, encouraging other companies to adopt similar standards.


3. Respect for nature

Cruelty-free body care, including KIIMA's deodorants, often aligns with an overall environmentally friendly approach. Sustainable ingredients and compact eco-friendly packaging contribute to preserving biodiversity and minimizing ecological footprint.


4. Support for conscious brands

Choosing cruelty-free body care often means supporting brands like KIIMA, dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. These companies highlight values aligned with animal protection, and your support helps them maintain these high standards. Not to mention that the natural ingredients in our deodorant refills are 100% vegan and environmentally friendly.



Choosing cruelty-free body care, especially KIIMA's deodorants in collaboration with conscious partner brands, goes beyond a personal preference. It's an act that contributes to transforming the cosmetic industry towards more ethics, sustainability, and respect for animal life. By making conscious choices, we can all be agents of change, promoting a world where beauty doesn't require unnecessary sacrifices.

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