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Climate Solutions Prize 2024

Climate Solutions Prize 2024

As a company deeply committed to the development of innovative environmental solutions, being selected as a finalist for the Quebec Start-up Track 2024 of the Climate Solutions Prize exceeds our expectations. It is evidence of our dedication to creating environmentally friendly body care products, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change and preserving our planet for future generations.

The Climate Solutions Prize is an initiative aimed at accelerating innovation in climate technology by rewarding small and medium-sized enterprises developing technological solutions. As finalists, we had the opportunity to showcase our reusable products at the Climate Solutions Prize Festival held on June 17, 2024.

Our innovation focuses on a refillable deodorant applicator, a simple yet effective solution to reduce plastic waste and promote more sustainable consumption habits. By integrating environmentally friendly materials and promoting reuse, our product directly contributes to reducing carbon footprint while offering an eco-friendly alternative to environmentally conscious consumers.

As finalists of the Climate Solutions Prize, we are proud to be part of this collective quest for a greener world.

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