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About us

The KIIMA movement

KIIMA is a wave of positive change for everyone and for the environment.

It is the inspiration that drives us to want to do our part to shape a prosperous future, with respect for the earth and the life that lives there.

We simplify this process by developing sustainable and eco-responsible solutions that replace the single-use products we use every day.

The deodorant applicator is the first step, other initiatives will follow and we look forward to sharing them with you. Join the movement and stay tuned!


We believe that it is by working together that we will succeed in having an impact on a

global scale.

That's why we partner with other great companies that share our


You also have your part to play. By choosing KIIMA you participate in the future of

sustainable consumption.

Our Engagements

Going to the end of things in the design of our products and our vision of solving waste issues around the world thanks to our collaborative model.

As long as there is waste, we will be there to find a solution.